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IEET: "Geoengineering as a Human Right"

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  • IEET: "Geoengineering as a Human Right"

    Original story:

    The Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies' (IEET) "Geoengineering as a Human Right" by Kris Notaro (

    You know you're in for it when the author of the article starts by saying: "This article is not purely about techniques of combating global warming, but about the need for people to understand that geoengineering is a must, not only a must, but also a 'human right'."

    We begin with his "favorite" geoengineering option which is "genetically modified supertrees". Ok.... and of course he also likes the ever-popular "space mirrors". I mean, who doesn't, right? (I still think if you put giant mirrors in space, the sun is likely to start "diggin' on itself" too much, but that's just me)

    One of his many so-called cures is "Atmospheric Sulfate Infusion", but he never goes into detail about it. We can only assume he's on board with full-on Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.) and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (S.A.G.), but he never actually comes out and says so in this, part one of the series on this issue.

    To be fair, he does make a few good points with regard to the U.S. Government, DOD, multinational corporations and environmentalists, so this article isn't ALL bad. But the premise that it's somehow Man playing God in order to save the planet is what we have absolutely no right to do. Let's let the planet save itself after we remove as much of the problem as possible. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering is causing much of that problem and it must be stopped. Mr. Notaro clearly is not admitting that it's going on in the first place. He needs to redirect his compass and wake up, possibly even look outside - instead of dreaming of genetically modified supertrees.

    He ends with "Geoengineering is in our control if we do it right. We can push governments to declare that it is a right..."

    He needs to re-check his reality.
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